Ministerial Careers and Accountability in the Australian Commonwealth Government »

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  1. Hiring, Firing, Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 154KB)Keith Dowding and Chris Lewis doi
  2. Ministers as Ministries and the Logic of their Collective Action (PDF, 193KB)John Wanna doi
  3. Predicting Cabinet Ministers: A psychological approach (PDF, 310KB)Michael Dalvean doi
  4. Democratic Ambivalence? Ministerial attitudes to party and parliamentary scrutiny (PDF, 232KB)James Walter doi
  5. Ministerial Accountability to Parliament (PDF, 512KB)Phil Larkin doi
  6. The Pattern of Forced Exits from the Ministry (PDF, 368KB)Keith Dowding, Chris Lewis and Adam Packer doi
  7. Ministers and Scandals (PDF, 166KB)Scott Brenton doi
  8. A Recent Scandal: The Home Insulation Program (PDF, 191KB)Chris Lewis doi
  9. Assessing Ministerial Responsibility in Australia (PDF, 159KB)Richard Mulgan doi