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Section I. Setting the Scene

  1. Introduction — Improving Implementation: the Challenge Ahead (PDF, 130KB)
  2. Driving Change to Bring About Better Implementation and Delivery (PDF, 162KB)

Section II. Governance, Ownership and Oversight

  1. Managing Major Programs and Projects: A View From the Boardroom (PDF, 2.0MB)
  2. How Boards and Senior Managers Have Governed (PDF, 1.3MB)
  3. Overcoming the ‘White Elephant’ Syndrome in Big and Iconic Projects in the Public and Private Sectors (PDF, 188KB)

Section III. Organisational Alignment — Organisational Change

  1. Organisational Alignment: How Project Management Helps (PDF, 188KB)
  2. ‘Crazy Thought or Creative Thinking’: Reform in the Real World (PDF, 827KB)
  3. The Australian Taxation Office Change Program: Project and Change Management Directions and Learnings, A Case Study (PDF, 973KB)
  4. Applying Three Frames to the Delivery of Public Value (PDF, 133KB)
  5. Building Capacity for Policy Implementation (PDF, 136KB)

Section IV. Better Project and Program Delivery

  1. Program Management and Organisational Change: New Directions for Implementation (PDF, 145KB)
  2. What is a Project Management Culture and How do we Develop it and Keep it Alive (PDF, 187KB)
  3. Project Management and the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Doing What Works (PDF, 237KB)
  4. Intervention Logic/ Program Logic: Toward Good Practice (PDF, 188KB)

Section V. Implementation Review

  1. Implementing Gateway in the Australian Government (PDF, 421KB)
  2. Governments Can Deliver: Better Practice in Project and Program Delivery (PDF, 425KB)
  3. The Gateway Review Process in Victoria (PDF, 344KB)
  4. The Australian Government Cabinet Implementation Unit (PDF, 135KB)
  5. Organising for Policy Implementation: The Emergence and Role of Implementation Units in Policy Design and Oversight (PDF, 242KB)