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  1. Gone with hardly a trace: deportees in immigration policy (PDF, 138KB)Glenn Nicholls doi
  2. The unfinished business of Indigenous citizenship in Australia and New Zealand (PDF, 158KB)Roderic Pitty doi
  3. Oblivious to the obvious? Australian asylum-seeker policies and the use of the past (PDF, 142KB)Klaus Neumann doi
  4. ‘A modern-day concentration camp’: using history to make sense of Australian immigration detention centres (PDF, 133KB)Amy Nethery doi
  5. Refugees between pasts and politics: sovereignty and memory in the Tampa crisis (PDF, 154KB)J. Olaf Kleist doi
  6. Looking back and glancing sideways: refugee policy and multicultural nation-building in New Zealand (PDF, 140KB)Ann Beaglehole doi
  7. Testing times: the problem of ‘history’ in the Howard Government’s Australian citizenship test (PDF, 142KB)Gwenda Tavan doi