Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy »

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Part 1: Reflections on Freedom

  1. Federalism and the engine room of prosperity (PDF, 117KB)
  2. Does federalism work? (PDF, 114KB)
  3. What has federalism ever done for us? (PDF, 114KB)
  4. Splicing the perspectives of the Commonwealth and states into a workable federation (PDF, 118KB)
  5. The reform imperative and Commonwealth–state relations (PDF, 125KB)
  6. Fostering creativity and innovation in cooperative federalism—the uncertainty and risk dimensions (PDF, 127KB)

Part 2. Reflections on policy and politics

  1. Cabinet government: Australian style (PDF, 97KB)
  2. Consumers and small business: at the heart of the Trade Practices Act (PDF, 136KB)
  3. Constitutional litigation and the Commonwealth (PDF, 108KB)
  4. Evidence-based policy making: what is it and how do we get it? (PDF, 155KB)

Part 3. Reflections on governance and leadership

  1. The two cultures re-examined: a perspective on leadership and policy management in business and government (PDF, 143KB)
  2. Leading the Australian Defence Force (PDF, 115KB)
  3. Essential linkages—situating political governance, transparency and accountability in the broader reform agenda (PDF, 140KB)

Part 4. Reflections on adaptive change

  1. Higher education: it’s time…(to change the policy framework) (PDF, 120KB)
  2. Achieving a ‘conservation economy’ in indigenous communities: a Canadian model for greening and growing local economies (PDF, 121KB)
  3. From crystal sets to the double helix in one journalist’s lifetime (PDF, 137KB)