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Part 1. Setting the scene: challenges and prospects for collaboration

  1. Collaborative government: meanings, dimensions, drivers and outcomes (PDF, 131KB)
  2. Governing through collaboration (PDF, 120KB)
  3. The changing nature of government: network governance (PDF, 111KB)
  4. Doing Things Collaboratively: Realizing the Advantage or Succumbing to Inertia? (PDF, 329KB)
  5. Hit or myth? Stories of collaborative success (PDF, 125KB)
  6. Collaborative governance: the community sector and collaborative network governance (PDF, 113KB)

Part 2. The reality of collaboration: success, failure, challenges and questions

  1. What works and why: collaborating in a crisis (PDF, 87KB)
  2. Collaboration in education (PDF, 114KB)
  3. From collaboration to coercion: a story of governance failure, success and opportunity in Australian Indigenous affairs (PDF, 273KB)
  4. The PPP phenomenon: performance and governance insights (PDF, 145KB)
  5. Perspectives of community organisations: The Smith Family experience (PDF, 116KB)
  6. Collaborative approaches to ‘people-based’ and ‘place-based’ issues in Victoria (PDF, 179KB)
  7. Formal collaboration, collaborative councils and community engagement (PDF, 118KB)
  8. Collaborative democracy: the citizen’s ability to collaborate effectively (PDF, 858KB)

Part 3. Collaboration abroad: comparative perspectives

  1. Galvanising government—non-profit/voluntary sector relations: two Canadian cases to consider (PDF, 148KB)
  2. Collaboration with the third sector: UK perspectives (PDF, 89KB)

Part 4. Collaboration: rhetoric and reality

  1. Elusive appeal or aspirational ideal? The rhetoric and reality of the ‘collaborative turn’ in public policy (PDF, 134KB)
  2. Postscript (PDF, 83KB)