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  1. Yes, minister – the privileged position of secretaries (PDF, 103KB) – Roger Beale doi
  2. My fortunate career and some parting remarks (PDF, 109KB) – Andrew Podger doi
  3. Performance management and the performance pay paradox (PDF, 191KB) – Allan Hawke doi
  4. Thirty-eight years toiling in the vineyard of public service (PDF, 141KB) – Ric Smith doi
  5. The last count – the importance of official statistics to the democratic process (PDF, 124KB) – Dennis Trewin doi
  6. Balancing life at home and away in the Australian Public Service (PDF, 149KB) – Joanna Hewitt doi
  7. In the national interest (PDF, 130KB) – Peter Shergold doi
  8. Impressions, observations and lessons from a Canberra outsider (PDF, 133KB) – Robert Cornall doi
  9. An unlikely secretary – a boy from the outer agencies (PDF, 102KB) – Mark Sullivan doi
  10. As if for a thousand years – the challenges ahead for the APS (PDF, 130KB) – David Borthwick doi
  11. Reflections of an ‘unabashed rationalist’ (PDF, 123KB) – Peter Boxall doi
  12. Our custodial role for the quality of advisory relations at the centre of government (PDF, 219KB) – Patricia Scott doi
  13. A road less travelled – reflecting on three professional pillars of support (PDF, 115KB) – Michael L’Estrange doi
  14. There’s a telegram for you – fashioning Australia’s unique model of public administration (PDF, 126KB) – Ken Matthews doi
  15. The opportunities, challenges and policy responses for the Australian economy (PDF, 1.1MB) – Ken Henry doi
  16. The boss in the yellow suit − leading service delivery reform (PDF, 114KB) – Lynelle Briggs doi
  17. The challenges for the public service in protecting Australia’s democracy in the future (PDF, 108KB) – Terry Moran doi