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  1. Inside the Queensland Parliament (PDF, 2.0MB)

Part I.

  1. Parliament’s refusal of supply and defeat of Labor, 1957 (PDF, 317KB)
  2. The early Nicklin years, 1957–1963 (PDF, 328KB)
  3. Safely in the saddle: the Nicklin government, 1963–1968 (PDF, 453KB)
  4. The Nicklin government’s legislative program (PDF, 577KB)
  5. The oppositional parties in the Parliament, 1957–1968 (PDF, 432KB)
  6. The Pizzey–Chalk interlude, 1968 (PDF, 352KB)

Part II.

  1. The early Bjelke-Petersen years, 1968-1969 (PDF, 430KB)
  2. The slide towards uncertainty, 1969–1972 (PDF, 7.3MB)
  3. Commanding the Parliament, 1972–1975 (PDF, 503KB)
  4. All power corrupts, 1976–1980 (PDF, 591KB)
  5. The government’s legislative program, 1968–1989 (PDF, 589KB)
  6. The doldrums in opposition, 1968–1989 (PDF, 450KB)
  7. The demise of the Coalition and the Nationals governing alone, 1981–1983 (PDF, 519KB)
  8. The implosion of Joh Bjelke-Petersen, 1983–1987 (PDF, 899KB)
  9. The end of an era, 1987–1989 (PDF, 709KB)
  10. Conclusion: Do the ‘ayes’ have it? (PDF, 145KB)