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  1. The Art of Australian Political Biography (PDF, 160KB) Geoffrey Bolton
  2. Political Biography: Its Contribution to Political Science (PDF, 145KB) Tracey Arklay
  3. Recording Non-Labor Politics Through Biography (PDF, 110KB) Judith Brett
  4. The ‘Life Myth’, ‘Short Lives’ and Dealing with Live Subjects in Political Biography (PDF, 119KB) James Walter
  5. Public Lives, Private Lives: the Fundamental Dilemma in Political Biography (PDF, 124KB) Nicholas Brown
  6. Expanding The Repertoire: Theory, Method and Language in Political Biography (PDF, 122KB) R. A. W. Rhodes
  7. John Curtin: Taking his Childhood Seriously (PDF, 105KB) David Day
  8. Ministers, Prime Ministers, Mandarins: Politics as a Job (PDF, 114KB) Patrick Weller
  9. Biography and the Rehabilitation of the Subject: The Case of John Gorton (PDF, 111KB) Ian Hancock
  10. Aboriginality and Impersonality: Three Australian Indigenous Administrative Memoirs (PDF, 121KB) Tim Rowse
  11. Writing Political Biography (PDF, 106KB) Rae Wear
  12. Jessie Street and the New Political Biography (PDF, 111KB) Lenore Coltheart
  13. Conjuring Fascinating Stories: the Case of Sir Arthur Tange (PDF, 89KB) Peter Edwards
  14. Anonymous in Life, Anonymous in Death: Memoirs and Biographies of Administrators (PDF, 110KB) John Nethercote
  15. The Personal Writings of Politicians (PDF, 117KB) Neal Blewett
  16. Writing Political Autobiographies (PDF, 107KB) John Button
  17. Political Biographies and Administrative Memoirs: Some Concluding Comments (PDF, 159KB) Philip A. Selth