Australian Department Heads Under Howard: Career Paths and Practice »

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 110KB)
  2. The Consummate ‘Fixer’ (PDF, 107KB) – Peter Shergold, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  3. From Timber to Tax (PDF, 128KB) – Ken Henry, The Treasury
  4. The Devil’s Advocate (PDF, 102KB) – Ian Watt, Department of Finance and Administration
  5. Starting from Scratch (PDF, 110KB) – Patricia Scott, Department of Human Services
  6. The Reluctant Chief (PDF, 115KB) – Ric Smith, Department of Defence
  7. The Man with a ‘Promising Past’ (PDF, 120KB) – Michael L’Estrange, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  8. Californian Dreamer (PDF, 109KB) – Lisa Paul, Department of Education, Science and Training
  9. The ‘New’ Old Broom (PDF, 125KB) – Andrew Metcalfe, Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
  10. The Company Man (PDF, 128KB) – Mark Paterson, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
  11. Making the Best of It (PDF, 122KB) – Mark Sullivan, Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  12. Going ‘Bush’ (PDF, 117KB) – Joanna Hewitt, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  13. The People’s Choice (PDF, 120KB) – Jeff Harmer, Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
  14. The Unabashed Rationalist (PDF, 120KB) – Peter Boxall, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
  15. Environmental Angler (PDF, 124KB) – David Borthwick, Department of Environment and Heritage
  16. Keeping the Customer Satisfied (PDF, 116KB) – Robert Cornall, Attorney-General’s Department
  17. The Pragmatist (PDF, 122KB) – Mike Taylor, Department of Transport and Regional Services
  18. Pioneering Survivor (PDF, 126KB) – Helen Williams, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
  19. Taking the ‘Hospital Pass’ (PDF, 123KB) – Jane Halton, Department of Health and Ageing