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  1. Tajiks on the Crossroads of History, from Antiquity to the Age of Colonialism (PDF, 144KB)
  2. Forging Tajik Identity: Ethnic Origins, National–Territorial Delimitation and Nationalism (PDF, 188KB)
  3. State Formation in the Soviet Era, 1917 to the 1960s (PDF, 190KB)
  4. Traditional Society and Regionalism in Soviet Tajikistan (PDF, 1.7MB)
  5. Formal and Informal Political Institutions in Soviet Tajikistan (PDF, 1.1MB)
  6. Experimentation, Turmoil and Fragmentation under Gorbachev, 1985–1991 (PDF, 304KB)
  7. The Rise of Opposition, the Contraction of the State and the Road to Independence (PDF, 3.0MB)
  8. Islam in Society and Politics (PDF, 310KB)
  9. From Political Confrontation to Civil War, 1991–1992 (PDF, 318KB)