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The New Order and its Antecedents

  1. One Reasonably Capable Man: Soeharto’s Early Fundraising (PDF, 132KB)David Jenkins doi
  2. Soeharto’s Javanese Pancasila (PDF, 183KB)Ken Ward doi
  3. New Order Repression and the Birth of Jemaah Islamiyah (PDF, 151KB)Sidney Jones doi
  4. Managing Industrialisation in a Globalising Economy: Lessons from the Soeharto Era (PDF, 452KB) – Hal Hill and Dionisius Narjoko doi
  5. The Historical Roots of Indonesia’s New Order: Beyond the Colonial Comparison (PDF, 168KB)Robert Cribb doi
  6. Patrimonialism: The New Order and Beyond (PDF, 201KB)Jamie Mackie doi

The Legacy

  1. The Habibie Presidency: Catapulting Towards Reform (PDF, 231KB) – Dewi Fortuna Anwar doi
  2. Semi-Opponents in Power: The Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Soekarnoputri Presidencies (PDF, 190KB)Edward Aspinall doi
  3. The Legacy of the New Order Military in Local Politics: West, Central and East Java (PDF, 211KB) – Jun Honna doi
  4. The Political Economy of Reform: Labour after Soeharto (PDF, 528KB)Chris Manning doi
  5. Indonesia’s Direct Elections: Empowering the Electorate or Entrenching the New Order Oligarchy? (PDF, 271KB)Marcus Mietzner doi
  6. Exemplar or Anomaly? Exiting the New Order in Comparative Perspective (PDF, 198KB) – William Case doi