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The New Order and its Antecedents

  1. One Reasonably Capable Man: Soeharto’s Early Fundraising (PDF, 132KB)
  2. Soeharto’s Javanese Pancasila (PDF, 183KB)
  3. New Order Repression and the Birth of Jemaah Islamiyah (PDF, 151KB)
  4. Managing Industrialisation in a Globalising Economy: Lessons from the Soeharto Era (PDF, 452KB)
  5. The Historical Roots of Indonesia’s New Order: Beyond the Colonial Comparison (PDF, 168KB)
  6. Patrimonialism: The New Order and Beyond (PDF, 201KB)

The Legacy

  1. The Habibie Presidency: Catapulting Towards Reform (PDF, 231KB)
  2. Semi-Opponents in Power: The Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Soekarnoputri Presidencies (PDF, 190KB)
  3. The Legacy of the New Order Military in Local Politics: West, Central and East Java (PDF, 211KB)
  4. The Political Economy of Reform: Labour after Soeharto (PDF, 528KB)
  5. Indonesia’s Direct Elections: Empowering the Electorate or Entrenching the New Order Oligarchy? (PDF, 271KB)
  6. Exemplar or Anomaly? Exiting the New Order in Comparative Perspective (PDF, 198KB)