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  1. Polytropic Philippine: Intimating the World in Pieces (PDF, 3.9MB)Patrick D. Flores doi
  2. The Worlding of the Asian Modern (PDF, 2.6MB)John Clark doi
  3. An Experiment in Connectivity: From the ‘West Heavens’ to the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (PDF, 1.4MB)Chaitanya Sambrani doi
  4. The Irreverent Contemporary and Radical Tradition (PDF, 3.7MB)Pat Hoffie doi
  5. Future Imaginaries (PDF, 3.9MB)Charles Merewether doi
  6. Response and Responsibility: On the Cosmo-politics of Generosity in Contemporary Asian Art (PDF, 1.4MB)Marsha Meskimmon doi
  7. The Unexpected Guest: Food and Hospitality in Contemporary Asian Art (PDF, 551KB)Francis Maravillas doi
  8. Under the Shadow: Problems in Museum Development in Asia (PDF, 3.1MB)Oscar Ho doi
  9. People and Partnership: An Australian Model for International Arts Exchanges — The Asialink Arts Program, 1990–2010 (PDF, 2.1MB)Alison Carroll doi
  10. Australia’s Other Asia in the Asian Century (PDF, 3.0MB)Jacqueline Lo doi