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  1. Introduction (PDF, 133KB) – Joshua A. Bell, Paige West and Colin Filer doi
  2. Wildlands, Deserted Bays and Other Bushy Metaphors of Pacific Place (PDF, 1.1MB) – Alexander Mawyer doi
  3. Non-Pristine Forests: A Long-Term History of Land Transformation in the Western Solomons (PDF, 703KB) – Edvard Hviding doi
  4. Forests of Gold: From Mining to Logging (and Back Again) (PDF, 122KB) – Jamon Alex Halvaksz doi
  5. The Impact of Mining Development on Settlement Patterns, Firewood Availability and Forest Structure in Porgera (PDF, 923KB) – Jerry K. Jacka doi
  6. The Structural Violence of Resource Extraction in the Purari Delta (PDF, 961KB) – Joshua A. Bell doi
  7. The Fate of Crater Mountain: Forest Conservation in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PDF, 132KB) – Paige West and Enock Kale doi
  8. How April Salumei Became the REDD Queen (PDF, 446KB) – Colin Filer doi
  9. Representational Excess in Recent Attempts to Acquire Forest Carbon in the Kamula Doso Area, Western Province, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 887KB) – Michael Wood doi
  10. ‘Evergreen’ and REDD+ in the Forests of Oceania (PDF, 155KB) – Jennifer Gabriel doi