State, Communities and Forests In Contemporary Borneo »

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Part I. Introduction

  1. Recent Development and Conservation Interventions in Borneo (PDF, 293KB)

Part II. Framework and Institutions

  1. Expanding State Spaces Using ‘Idle’ Native Customary Land in Sarawak (PDF, 290KB)
  2. Native Customary Land: The Trust as a Device for Land Development in Sarawak (PDF, 215KB)
  3. Decentralisation, Forests and Estate Crops in Kutai Barat District, East Kalimantan (PDF, 683KB)

Part III. Local Interventions

  1. Community Mapping, Tenurial Rights and Conflict Resolution in Kalimantan (PDF, 634KB)
  2. Community Cooperatives, ‘Illegal’ Logging and Regional Autonomy in the Borderlands of West Kalimantan (PDF, 426KB)
  3. Seeking Spaces for Biodiversity by Improving Tenure Security for Local Communities in Sabah (PDF, 750KB)
  4. Social, Environmental and Legal Dimensions of Adat as an Instrument of Conservation in East Kalimantan (PDF, 193KB)
  5. The Potential for Coexistence between Shifting Cultivation and Commercial Logging in Sarawak (PDF, 396KB)

Part IV. Conclusion

  1. Concluding Remarks on the Future of Natural Resource Management in Borneo (PDF, 98KB)