Customary Land Tenure & Registration in Australia and Papua New Guinea »

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  1. Customary Land Tenure and Registration in Papua New Guinea and Australia: Anthropological Perspectives (PDF, 339KB)
  2. A Legal Regime for Issuing Group Titles to Customary Land: Lessons from the East Sepik (PDF, 161KB)
  3. Land, Customary and Non-Customary, in East New Britain (PDF, 154KB)
  4. Clan-Finding, Clan-Making and the Politics of Identity in a Papua New Guinea Mining Project (PDF, 457KB)
  5. From Agency to Agents: Forging Landowner Identities in Porgera (PDF, 160KB)
  6. Incorporating Huli: Lessons from the Hides Licence Area (PDF, 758KB)
  7. The Foi Incorporated Land Group: Group Definition and Collective Action in the Kutubu Oil Project Area, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 159KB)
  8. Local Custom and the Art of Land Group Boundary Maintenance in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 200KB)
  9. Determinacy of Groups and the ‘Owned Commons’ in Papua New Guinea and Torres Strait (PDF, 826KB)
  10. Outstation Incorporation as Precursor to a Prescribed Body Corporate (PDF, 410KB)
  11. The Measure of Dreams (PDF, 386KB)
  12. Laws and Strategies: The Contest to Protect Aboriginal Interests at Coronation Hill (PDF, 869KB)
  13. A Regional Approach to Managing Aboriginal Land Title on Cape York (PDF, 558KB)