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Archival fragments

  1. The Old Commodore: a transnational life (PDF, 286KB)

Authority (PDF, 59KB)

  1. Biography and global history: reflections on examining colonial governance through the life of Edward Eyre (PDF, 2.6MB)
  2. ‘A fine type of Hindoo’ meets ‘the Australian type’: British Indians in Australia and diverse masculinities (PDF, 640KB)
  3. A British prince and a transnational life: Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to Australia, 1867—68 (PDF, 1.0MB)
  4. Enacting the international: R. G. Watt and the League of Nations Union (PDF, 272KB)

Intimacy (PDF, 60KB)

  1. Love, loss and ‘going Home’: the intimate lives of Victorian settlers (PDF, 1.1MB)
  2. A journey of love: Agnes Breuer’s sojourn in 1930s China (PDF, 721KB)
  3. Life stories, family relations and the ‘lens of migration’: postwar British emigration and the new mobility (PDF, 367KB)
  4. ‘I’m not a good mother’: gender expectations and tensions in a migrant woman’s life story (PDF, 905KB)
  5. First love and Italian postwar migration stories (PDF, 730KB)

Intellect (PDF, 59KB)

  1. The Pacific as rhizome: the case of Sir Henry Alexander Wickham, planter, and his transnational plants (PDF, 330KB)
  2. A transnational imagination: Alfred Deakin’s reading lists (PDF, 306KB)

Imagination (PDF, 88KB)

  1. From cosmopolitan romance to transnational fiction: re-reading Jean Devanny’s Australian novels (PDF, 757KB)
  2. Paris and beyond: the transnational/national in the writing of Christina Stead and Eleanor Dark (PDF, 798KB)
  3. Australian ‘immersion’ narratives: memoirs of contemporary language travel (PDF, 327KB)
  4. America and the queer diaspora: the case of artist David McDiarmid (PDF, 1.4MB)

Objects of displacement

  1. Living in a material world: object biography and transnational lives (PDF, 1.6MB)