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  1. China’s Rise in a Changing World (PDF, 67KB)Jane Golley and Ligang Song doi
  2. China’s Turbulent Half-Decade (PDF, 246KB)Huw McKay doi
  3. Reform of the International Economic System (PDF, 88KB)Yiping Huang, Weihua Dang and Jiao Wang doi
  4. Why Does China Attempt to Internationalise the Renminbi? (PDF, 814KB)Yin-Wong Cheung, Guonan Ma & Robert N.McCauley doi
  5. The Technological Content of China’s Exports and the Need for Quality Upgrading (PDF, 107KB)Kunwang Li and Ligang Song doi
  6. The Development of China’s FDI Laws and Policies after WTO Accession (PDF, 79KB)Chunlai Chen doi
  7. Chinese Manufacturing Firms’ Overseas Direct Investment (PDF, 120KB)Bijun Wang and Huiyao Wang doi
  8. China’s Petroleum PredicamentAndrew B. Kennedy doi
  9. Promoting Global Carbon Equity and Low-Carbon Growth (PDF, 120KB)Yongsheng Zhang doi
  10. Chinese–US Economic Relations After the Global Financial Crisis (PDF, 2.5MB)Geoffrey Garrett doi
  11. The Importance of Being Earnest in Defusing US–China Trade Tensions (PDF, 66KB)Wing Thye Woo doi
  12. Australia–China Economic Relations (PDF, 474KB)Christopher Findlay doi
  13. Chinese Development Aid in Africa (PDF, 348KB)Deborah Brautigam doi
  14. Clash of the Titans (PDF, 1.5MB)Peter E. Robertson doi
  15. The Effects of Institutions on Migrant Wages in China and Indonesia (PDF, 706KB)Paul Frijters, Xin Meng & Budy Resosudarmo doi
  16. China’s Demographic Challenges from a Global Perspective (PDF, 1.4MB)Zhongwei Zhao doi
  17. Population Ageing, Domestic Consumption and Future Economic Growth in China (PDF, 335KB)Yang Du and Meiyan Wang doi
  18. The Route of Urbanisation in China from an International Perspective (PDF, 86KB)Xiaolu Wang doi