Protection of intellectual, biological & cultural property in Papua New Guinea »

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 1.3MB)Mark Busse and Kathy Whimp doi
  2. Intellectual property rights in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 788KB)Leslie Harroun doi
  3. Multiple perspectives on intellectual property (PDF, 685KB)Marilyn Strathern doi
  4. Copyrighting traditional Tolai knowledge? (PDF, 870KB)Jacob L Simet doi
  5. The National Cultural Property (Preservation) Act (PDF, 639KB)Mark Busse doi
  6. Ownership of ideas and things: a case study of the politics of the Kuk prehistoric site (PDF, 943KB)John D. Muke doi
  7. Stealing music from/in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 398KB)Don Niles doi
  8. Plant genetic resources of Papua New Guinea: some thoughts on intellectual property rights (PDF, 454KB)Rosa Kambuou doi
  9. Genetic, biochemical and medicinal resources: how much can we own, protect and receive credit for? (PDF, 325KB)Lohi Matainaho doi
  10. Access to genetic resources: legal and policy issues (PDF, 1.1MB)Kathy Whimp doi
  11. The search for an interim solution (PDF, 670KB)Brendan Tobin doi