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Part 1: Coral Bell: The Person and the Scholar

  1. Coral’s Early Life (PDF, 84KB) – Harry Bell doi
  2. From External Affairs to Academia: Coral’s Encounter with the KGB’s Spy Ring in Australia (PDF, 112KB) – Desmond Ball doi
  3. Coral Bell: A Preoccupation with Armageddon (PDF, 137KB) – Geoffrey Barker doi
  4. Coral Bell: Recollections of an Optimistic Realist (PDF, 214KB) – Meredith Thatcher doi
  5. Coral Bell and Her Mark on Strategic Studies (PDF, 215KB) – Robert O’Neill doi

Part 2: Understanding International Relations

  1. The Interpretation of Power Politics: Coral Bell’s International Thought (PDF, 145KB) – Ian Hall doi
  2. The Importance of Being Coral Bell (PDF, 112KB) – JDB Miller doi
  3. Coral Bell and the Classical Realist Tradition (PDF, 159KB) – James L Richardson doi

Part 3: The Practice of Power Politics

  1. Realist Optimist: Coral Bell’s Contribution to Australian Foreign and Defence Policy (PDF, 362KB) – Brendan Taylor doi
  2. Interpreting the Cold War (PDF, 145KB) – Michael Wesley doi
  3. Coral Bell and the Conventions of Crisis Management (PDF, 427KB) – Robert Ayson doi
  4. Coral Bell’s Alliance Politics: Practitioner and Pundit (PDF, 533KB) – William T Tow doi
  5. Coral Bell and the Concert of Power: Avoiding Armageddon (PDF, 573KB) – Hugh White doi