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  1. Oceanic Encounters: A Prelude (PDF, 600KB)Margaret Jolly and Serge Tcherkézoff doi
  2. Linguistic Encounter and Responses in the South Pacific (PDF, 492KB)Darrell Tryon doi
  3. The Sediment of Voyages: Re-membering Quirós, Bougainville and Cook in Vanuatu (PDF, 1.3MB)Margaret Jolly doi
  4. A Reconsideration of the Role of Polynesian Women in Early Encounters with Europeans: Supplement to Marshall Sahlins’ Voyage around the Islands of History (PDF, 230KB)Serge Tcherkézoff doi
  5. Uncertain Times: Sailors, Beachcombers and Castaways as “Missionaries” and Cultural Mediators in Tonga (Polynesia) (PDF, 138KB)Françoise Douaire-Marsaudon doi
  6. In the Event: Indigenous Countersigns and the Ethnohistory of Voyaging (PDF, 1.4MB)Bronwen Douglas doi
  7. Watkin Tench’s Fieldwork: The Journal of an “Ethnographer” in Port Jackson, 1788-1791 (PDF, 160KB)Isabelle Merle doi
  8. The Art of Encounter: Verisimilitude in the Imaginary Exploration of Interior New Guinea, 1725–1876 (PDF, 489KB)Chris Ballard doi
  9. Black Powder, White Magic: European Armaments and Sorcery in Early Mekeo and Roro Encounters (PDF, 193KB)Mark S. Mosko doi
  10. A Measure of Violence: Forty Years of “First Contact” Among the Ankave-Anga (Papua New Guinea) (PDF, 509KB)Pascale Bonnemère and Pierre Lemonnier doi