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Humanities Research Journal Series: Volume XVI. No. 3. 2010 »

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  1. The Solidarity Decade in Eastern Europe, 1980–1989: An Australian perspective Jan Pakulski and Stefan Markowski (PDF, 188KB)

Part 1: Reminiscences

  1. Poland, 1980–1984: A witness to history (PDF, 141KB) John Burgess
  2. My Solidarity Memories from Gdańsk (PDF, 147KB) Andrzej Snarski
  3. 1989–2009: ‘In Poland everything is possible, even changes for the better’ (PDF, 150KB)John Docker Martin Krygier
  4. The Solidarity Days: A short reminiscence (PDF, 106KB) Nicolas Rothwell
  5. The Solidarity Decade (PDF, 116KB) Jan Zubrzycki

Part 2: Analysis

  1. The Solidarity Decade: 1980–1989 (PDF, 255KB) Jan Pakulski
  2. One Summer in Gdańsk: Poland’s leadership in transition from the socialist legal model (PDF, 316KB) Murray Raff
  3. The Contribution of the Polish Intelligentsia to the Breakthrough of 1989 (PDF, 215KB) Tracey Rowland
  4. The Breakthrough: Polish elections in June 1989 (PDF, 254KB) Jan Pakulski
  5. The ‘Cooperative’ Mode of Dismantling Communism: From groundbreaking to ordinary (PDF, 382KB) Antoni Z. Kamiński and Bartłomiej Kamiński
  6. The European Union’s Politics of Identity and the Legacy of 1989 (PDF, 264KB) Stefan Auer