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Humanities Research Journal Series: Volume XV. No. 3. 2009 »

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  1. Preface —Decolonising testimony: on the possibilities and limits of witnessing (PDF, 118KB)

Testimony, witnessing and the institution

  1. Can the institution speak? The university as testimony in Canada today (PDF, 156KB) Len M. Findlay
  2. Reconciliation as ritual: comparative perspectives on innovation and performance in processes of reconciliation (PDF, 212KB) Roxana Waterson
  3. ‘Healing the heartbreak’?: the role of testimony in the Australian inquiry into the separation of Indigenous children from their families (PDF, 199KB) Rebecca Devitt

The testimonial arts: challenging national memory

  1. Used and abused (PDF, 2.4MB) Adrian Stimson
  2. Buffalo Boy testifies: decolonising visual testimony in a colonial-settler society (PDF, 181KB) Lynne Bell
  3. Ancestors rising: Aboriginal art as historical testimo (PDF, 3.5MB) Mary Longman
  4. In an era of stalled reconciliation: the uncanny witness of Ray Lawrence’s Jindabyne  (PDF, 191KB) Rosanne Kennedy

Testimony and cultural memory: from the national to the transnational

  1. Other echoes in the garden (PDF, 4.6MB) Jamelie Hassan
  2. This is not a game: testimony and the making and unmaking of the child as a political subject (PDF, 1.3MB) Julia Emberley