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Humanities Research Journal Series: Volume XV. No. 2. 2009 »

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  1. Preface — Culture/cohesion/compulsion: Museological artifice and its dilemmas (PDF, 115KB) Claire Farago and Donald Preziosi
  2. Introduction — Compelling cultures:Representing cultural diversity and cohesion in multicultural Australia (PDF, 182KB) Anna Edmundson, Kylie Message and Ursula Frederick
  3. Provocation — Beyond multiculturalism: A journey to nowhere? (PDF, 106KB) Ien Ang
  4. Culture, citizenship and Australian multiculturalism: The contest over identity formation at the National Museum of Australia (PDF, 244KB) Kylie Message
  5. Migration, social cohesion and cultural diversity: Can museums move beyond pluralism? (PDF, 140KB) Andrea Witcomb
  6. Dimensions for a folding exhibition: Exhibiting diversity in theory and practice in the Migration Memories exhibitions (PDF, 473KB) Mary Hutchison
  7. But where are you really from?: The ‘crisis’ of multiculturalism examined through the work of four Asian-Australian artists (PDF, 429KB) Anna Edmundson
  8. Acting in a community: Art and social cohesion in Indigenous Australia (PDF, 137KB) Howard Morphy
  9. Writing/righting a history of Australian Aboriginal art (PDF, 146KB) Susan Lowish
  10. Wandjina, graffiti and heritage: The power and politics of enduring imagery (PDF, 1.9MB) Ursula Frederick and Sue O’Connor