Humanities Research Journal Series: Volume XII. No. 1. 2005 »

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  1. Bigotry and Religion in Australia, 1865-1950 (PDF, 98KB)
  2. In Memoriam Patrick O’Farrell (PDF, 124KB) Malcolm Campbell
  3. Double Jeopardy: Catholic and Irish (PDF, 143KB) Patrick O’Farrell
  4. Interpreting Aboriginal Religion: From Nineteenth-Century Evolutionism to Durkheimian Sociology (PDF, 193KB) Henrika Kuklick
  5. You in Your Small Corner: The Love Song of Alfred J Dyer: Early Days of Church Mission Society Missions to the Aborigines of Arnhem Land (PDF, 195KB) Mickey Dewar
  6. Mutual Conversion?: The Methodist Church and the Yolŋu, With Particular Reference to Yirrkala (PDF, 211KB) Howard Morphy
  7. Was It Ever So?: Anti-Semitism in Australia 1860–1950? (PDF, 175KB) Rodney Gouttman
  8. A ‘Successful Experiment’ No More: The Intensification of Religious Bigotry in Eastern Australia, 1865–1885 (PDF, 184KB) Malcolm Campbell
  9. A ‘Region of Indecency and Pruriency’: Religious Conflict, Female Communities and Health Care in Colonial New South Wales (PDF, 192KB) Judith Godden
  10. Religion Matters: The Experience of Syrian/Lebanese Christians in Australia from the 1880s to 1947 (PDF, 186KB) Anne Monsour
  11. Taking Away Joss: Chinese Religion and the Wesleyan Mission in Castlemaine, 1868 (PDF, 168KB) Benjamin Penny