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  1. Introduction (PDF, 230KB) Ian Keen
  2. The emergence of Australian settler capitalism in the nineteenth century and the disintegration/integration of Aboriginal societies: hybridisation and local evolution within the world market (PDF, 264KB) Christopher Lloyd
  3. The interpretation of Aboriginal ‘property’ on the Australian colonial frontier (PDF, 258KB) Ian Keen
  4. From island to mainland: Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian labour force (PDF, 148KB) Jeremy Beckett
  5. Exchange and appropriation: the Wurnan economy and Aboriginal land and labour at Karunjie Station, north-western Australia (PDF, 1.3MB) Anthony Redmond and Fiona Skyring
  6. Dingo scalping and the frontier economy in the north-west of South Australia (PDF, 636KB) Diana Young
  7. Peas, beans and riverbanks: seasonal picking and dependence in the Tuross Valley (PDF, 323KB) John White
  8. ‘Who you is?’ Work and identity in Aboriginal New South Wales (PDF, 182KB) Lorraine Gibson
  9. Sustainable Aboriginal livelihoods and the Pilbara mining boom (PDF, 1.1MB) Sarah Holcombe
  10. Realities, simulacra and the appropriation of Aboriginality in Kakadu’s tourism (PDF, 433KB) Chris Haynes