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  1. Black and Blue: Shades of Violence in West New Britain, PNG (PDF, 668KB)Naomi McPherson doi
  2. Troubled Masculinities and Gender Violence in Melanesia (PDF, 1.4MB)Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi doi
  3. Engendered Violence and Witch-killing in Simbu (PDF, 1.2MB)Philip Gibbs doi
  4. Becoming Mary: Marian Devotion as a Solution to Gender-based Violence in Urban PNG (PDF, 1.3MB)Anna-Karina Hermkens doi
  5. Engendering Violence in the Papua New Guinea Courts: Sentencing in Rape Trials (PDF, 1.7MB)Jean G. Zorn doi
  6. Conversations with Convicted Rapists (PDF, 972KB)Fiona Hukula doi
  7. ‘Crime to be a Woman?’: Engendering Violence against Female Sex Workers in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 1.7MB)Christine Stewart doi
  8. Gender Violence in Melanesia and the Problem of Millennium Development Goal No. 3 (PDF, 239KB)Martha Macintyre doi