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Part I China's New Place in World Economy and Politics

  1. China's place in a world in crisis (PDF, 126KB)
  2. China and international financial reform (PDF, 150KB)
  3. From an efficient to a viable international financial market (PDF, 383KB)
  4. China's increasing external wealth (PDF, 379KB)
  5. The geo-strategic implications of China's growth (PDF, 115KB)

Part II Macroeconomic Adjustments Amid Global Recession

  1. China's exchange rate policy, its current account surplus, and the global imbalances (PDF, 181KB)
  2. Macroeconomic performance amid global crisis (PDF, 376KB)
  3. Economic crisis, Keynesianism and structural imbalance in China (PDF, 267KB)
  4. State-owned enterprises in China: reform dynamics and impacts (PDF, 157KB)
  5. Economic transition and labour market integration in China (PDF, 351KB)
  6. Flying geese within borders: how does China sustain its labour-intensive industries? (PDF, 239KB)
  7. Impact of economic slowdown on migrant workers (PDF, 509KB)

Part III Economic Integration

  1. Global implications of China as a manufacturing powerhouse (PDF, 1.4MB)
  2. China's textile and clothing trade and global adjustment (PDF, 219KB)
  3. Inflow of foreign direct investment (PDF, 406KB)
  4. Chinese foreign direct investment in the Australian resource sector (PDF, 300KB)

Part IV The Environment and Climate Change

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction: a theoretical framework and global solution (PDF, 261KB)
  2. Can China rescue the global climate change negotiations? (PDF, 317KB)
  3. Moving towards low-carbon economic growth (PDF, 2.0MB)