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  1. Chinese economic reform and development: achievements, emerging challenges and unfinished tasks (PDF, 158KB)

Part I. Long–Term Development: Trends and Issues

  1. The turning period in China’s economic development: a conceptual framework and next empirical evidence (PDF, 175KB)
  2. The China model and its future (PDF, 157KB)
  3. How will China’s central–local governmental relationships evolve? An analytical framework and its implications (PDF, 175KB)
  4. China’s metal intensity in comparative perspective (PDF, 560KB)
  5. Assessing China’s energy conservation and carbon intensity: how will the future differ from the past? (PDF, 331KB)
  6. Prospects for diminishing regional disparities (PDF, 299KB)

Part II. Global Integration: Challenges and Opportunities

  1. Exchange rate policy and macroeconomic adjustment (PDF, 164KB)
  2. The real exchange rate and the renminbi (PDF, 1.0MB)
  3. China and East Asian trade: the decoupling fallacy, crisis and policy challenges (PDF, 852KB)
  4. Asian foreign direct investment and the ‘China effect’ (PDF, 366KB)
  5. The global financial crisis and rural–urban migration (PDF, 1.5MB)

Part III. Policy and Reform: Unfinished Business

  1. Avoiding economic crashes on China’s road to prosperity (PDF, 353KB)
  2. Rebalancing China’s economic structure (PDF, 1.1MB)
  3. Urbanisation with Chinese characteristics (PDF, 912KB)
  4. Indigenous innovation for sustainable growth (PDF, 1.3MB)
  5. China’s health system and the next 20 years of reform (PDF, 525KB)