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  1. China’s New Strategy for Long-term Growth and Development (PDF, 183KB) - Ross Garnaut, Cai Fang and Ligang Song
  2. New Institutions for a New Development Model (PDF, 105KB) - Dwight H. Perkins
  3. The New Normal of Chinese Development (PDF, 1.1MB) - Yiping Huang, Cai Fang, Peng Xu and Gou Qin
  4. The End of China’s Demographic Dividend (PDF, 875KB) - Cai Fang and Lu Yang
  5. Chinese Industrialisation (PDF, 1.1MB) - Huw McKay and Ligang Song
  6. China’s Saving and Global Economic Performance (PDF, 2.6MB) - Rod Tyers, Ying Zhang and Tsun Se Cheong
  7. Growing into an Innovative Economy (PDF, 1.6MB) - Yixiao Zhou
  8. China’s Agricultural Development (PDF, 612KB) - Li Zhou
  9. Rural–Urban Migration (PDF, 1.1MB) - Xin Meng
  10. Reforming China’s Public Finances for Long-term Growth (PDF, 344KB) - Christine Wong
  11. Changing Business Environment in China (PDF, 2.7MB) - Xiaolu Wang, Jingwen Yu and Fan Gang
  12. Will Chinese Industry Ever Be ‘Green’? (PDF, 1.6MB) - Shiyi Chen and Jane Golley
  13. Can China Achieve Green Growth? (PDF, 96KB) - Yongsheng Zhang
  14. China’s Climate Change Mitigation in International Context (PDF, 1.7MB) - Ross Garnaut
  15. China’s Energy Demand Growth and the Energy Policy Trilemma (PDF, 919KB) - Simon Wensley, Stephen Wilson and Jane Kuang
  16. Financial Constraints on Chinese Outward Direct Investment by the Private Sector (PDF, 2.1MB) - Bijun Wang, Miaojie Yu and Yiping Huang
  17. Determinants of Chinese Exports in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Products (PDF, 594KB) - Kunwang Li and Bingzhan Shi