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Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences »

Strengthening the Prohibition of Biological Weapons

Editors: Brian Rappert
ISBN (print): 9781921666384
ISBN (online): 9781921666391
Publication date: June 2010

Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History »

Authors: Samuel Furphy
ISBN (print): 9781922144706
ISBN (online): 9781922144713
Publication date: March 2013

El Lago Español »

Authors: O.H.K. Spate
ISBN (print): 1 920942 56 4
ISBN (online): 1 920942 57 2
Publication date: April 2006

Election 2007 »

The Shift to Limited Preferential Voting in Papua New Guinea

Editors: R.J. May, Ray Anere, Nicole Haley, Katherine Wheen
ISBN (print): 9781922144294
ISBN (online): 9781922144300
Publication date: September 2013

Electoral systems in divided societies »

The Fiji constitution

Editors: Brij V. Lal, Peter Larmour
ISBN (print): 9781922144508
ISBN (online): 9781922144515
Publication date: December 2012

Electronic Engagement »

A Guide for Public Sector Managers

Authors: Peter Chen
ISBN (print): 9781921313097
ISBN (online): 9781921313103
Publication date: March 2007
Engaging Indigenous Economy

Engaging Indigenous Economy »

Debating diverse approaches

Editors: Will Sanders
ISBN (print): 9781760460037
ISBN (online): 9781760460044
Publication date: April 2016

Engaging the neighbours »

Australia and ASEAN since 1974

Authors: Frank Frost
ISBN (print): 9781760460174
ISBN (online): 9781760460181
Publication date: July 2016

Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea »

Editors: Margaret Jolly, Carolyn Brewer, Christine Stewart
ISBN (print): 9781921862854
ISBN (online): 9781921862861
Publication date: July 2012

Ethics and Auditing »

Editors: Tom Campbell, Keith Houghton
ISBN (print): 1 920942 25 4
ISBN (online): 1 920942 26 2
Publication date: June 2005

Ethnography & the Production of Anthropological Knowledge »

Essays in honour of Nicolas Peterson

Editors: Yasmine Musharbash, Marcus Barber
ISBN (print): 9781921666964
ISBN (online): 9781921666971
Publication date: February 2011

Experiments in Modern Living »

Scientists’ Houses in Canberra 1950–1970

Authors: Milton Cameron
ISBN (print): 9781921862694
ISBN (online): 9781921862700
Publication date: May 2012

Experiments in self-determination »

Histories of the outstation movement in Australia

Editors: Nicolas Peterson, Fred Myers
ISBN (print): 9781925022896
ISBN (online): 9781925022902
Publication date: January 2016

Explorations in Semantic Parallelism »

Authors: James J. Fox
ISBN (print): 9781922144690
ISBN (online): 9781925021066
Publication date: July 2014
Exploring the Earth under the Sea

Exploring the Earth under the Sea »

Australian and New Zealand achievements in the first phase of IODP Scientific Ocean Drilling

Editors: Neville Exon
ISBN (print): 9781760461454
ISBN (online): 9781760461461
Publication date: October 2017

Exploring the Legacy of the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition »

Editors: Martin Thomas, Margo Neale
ISBN (print): 9781921666445
ISBN (online): 9781921666452
Publication date: June 2011

The Eye of the Crocodile »

Authors: Val Plumwood
ISBN (print): 9781922144164
ISBN (online): 9781922144171
Publication date: November 2012

Eyewitness to Early Reform in Myanmar »

Authors: Trevor Wilson
ISBN (print): 9781925022988
ISBN (online): 9781925022995
Publication date: March 2016

Facing Asia »

A History of the Colombo Plan

Authors: Daniel Oakman
ISBN (print): 9781921666926
ISBN (online): 9781921666933
Publication date: October 2010
Family Experiments

Family Experiments »

Middle-class, professional families in Australia and New Zealand c. 1880–1920

Authors: Shelley Richardson
ISBN (print): 9781760460587
ISBN (online): 9781760460594
Publication date: November 2016

Federalism and Regionalism in Australia »

New Approaches, New Institutions?

Editors: A. J. Brown, Jennifer Bellamy
ISBN (print): 9781921313417
ISBN (online): 9781921313424
Publication date: August 2007

Fiducial Governance »

An Australian republic for the new millennium

Authors: John Power
ISBN (print): 9781921666544
ISBN (online): 9781921666551
Publication date: July 2010

Fiji before the storm »

Elections and the politics of development

Authors: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781922144621
ISBN (online): 9781922144638
Publication date: December 2012

Fiji: A Place Called Home »

Authors: Daryl Tarte
ISBN (print): 9781925022049
ISBN (online): 9781925022056
Publication date: November 2014
The Fijian Colonial Experience

The Fijian Colonial Experience »

A study of the neotraditional order under British colonial rule prior to World War II

Authors: Timothy J. Macnaught
ISBN (print): 9781921934353
ISBN (online): 9781921934360
Publication date: June 2016