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Editors’ Introduction (PDF, 101KB)

Special Section: Remembering Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Annamarie Jagose Thinkiest View (PDF, 113KB)
Elizabeth McMahon The Proximate Pleasure of Eve Sedgwick: A Legacy of Intimate Reading View (PDF, 167KB)
Elizabeth Stephens Queer Memoir: Public Confession and/as Sexual Practice in Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s A Dialogue on Love View (PDF, 162KB)
Anna Gibbs At the Time of Writing: Sedgwick’s Queer Temporalities View (PDF, 176KB)
Melissa Jane Hardie The Closet Remediated: Inside Lindsay Lohan View (PDF, 202KB)

The Ecological Humanities

Thom Van Dooren & Deborah Bird Rose Introduction View (PDF, 81KB)
Terry Gifford Judith Wright’s Poetry and the Turn to the Post-Pastoral View (PDF, 152KB)
Emily O’Gorman Unnatural River, Unnatural Floods? Regulation and Responsibility on the Murray River in the 1950s View (PDF, 248KB)
Kerry Little Democracy reigns supreme in Sikkim? A long march and a short visit strains democracy for Lepcha marchers in Sikkim View (PDF, 247KB)
Jessica K. Weir Cultural Flows in Murray River Country View (PDF, 153KB)

Book Reviews

Rachael Weaver A Swindler’s Progress by Kristen McKenzie and The Celebrated George Barrington View (PDF, 116KB)
Christine McPaul Friendly Mission edited by N.J.B. Plomley and Reading Robinson edited by Anna Johnston and Mitchell Rolls View (PDF, 114KB)
Jennifer Hamilton Queering the Non/Human edited by Noreen Giffney and Myra J. Hird View (PDF, 115KB)