ANU Press Archive 1965–1991

A massive project undertaken by ANU Press and the ANU Digitisation Team has seen over 500 scholarly works, originally published by The Australian National University between 1965–1991, made available to a global audience under its open-access policy. This collection is now available below.

Chinese literature : a draft bibliography in Western European languages »

Author/Editors: Lynn, Richard John
Publication date: 1979

Chinese strategic thinking under Mao Tse-tung »

Author/Editors: Adie, W. A. C
Publication date: 1972

Churchill Fellows of Australia 1966-1977 »

Author/Editors: Auchmuty, Margaret Walters
Publication date: 1980

Cinderellas of the empire : towards a history of Kiribati and Tuvalu »

Author/Editors: Macdonald, Barrie
Publication date: 1982

The classification of Australian local authorities »

Author/Editors: Harris, C. P.
Publication date: 1975

Climate of Papua New Guinea »

Author/Editors: McAlpine, J. R.
Publication date: 1983

Climates of hunger : mankind and the world's changing weather »

Author/Editors: Bryson, Reid A
Publication date: 1977

The colonel : a political biography of Sir Michael Bruxner »

Author/Editors: Aitkin, Don
Publication date: 1969

Colonial town to Melanesian city : Port Moresby 1884-1974 »

Author/Editors: Oram, Nigel
Publication date: 1976

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia; origins and early history »

Author/Editors: Gollan, Robin
Publication date: 1968

Communal endeavours : migrant organisations in Melbourne »

Author/Editors: Unikoski, Rachel
Publication date: 1978

Community and identity : refugee groups in Adelaide »

Author/Editors: Martin, Jean
Publication date: 1972

Conscription and Australian military capability »

Author/Editors: McGaurr, Darcy.
Publication date: 1971

Consideration in contracts : a fundamental restatement »

Author/Editors: Atiyah, P. S
Publication date: 1971

Constitutional responsibility for education in Australia »

Author/Editors: Birch, Ian Keith Falconer
Publication date: 1975

Cooking with pure ingredients : family recipes for the hyperactive »

Author/Editors: Tydeman, Ann
Publication date: 1979