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Editorial Committee (PDF, 62KB)

 Symposium: Policy Modelling by Government Agencies in Australia

Henry Ergas For a Charter of Modelling Honesty View (PDF, 104KB)
Henry Ergas and Alex Robson Modelling as Agit-prop: The Treasury’s Role in Australia’s Carbon Tax Debate View (PDF, 114KB)
Jonathan Pincus The Treasury–KPMG Econtech Modelling of the Excess Burden of Mining Taxation: Some Doubts View (PDF, 236KB)
John Humphreys The Treasury’s Non-modelling of the Stimulus View (PDF, 150KB)
Sinclair Davidson Treasury Forecasts of Company Tax Revenue: Back of the Envelope or Back to the Drawing Board? View (PDF, 174KB)
Hugh Green The Treasury–Reserve Bank ATM Taskforce Report: Would it Pass a Cost–Benefit Analysis? View (PDF, 126KB)
Kevin Morgan Australia’s NBN: Come Hell or High Water View (PDF, 96KB)
Mark Harrison The Problem of Road Congestion: The Futility of “Avoidable Cost” Estimates View (PDF, 240KB)


Brian Ashe, Felipe Dimer de Oliveira and John McAneney Investments in Fire Management: Does Saving Lives Cost Lives? View (PDF, 435KB)


Stephen Grenville Taming Volatile Capital Flows in Emerging Economies View (PDF, 143KB)


Ruth F. G. Williams The Academy in Decay View (PDF, 100KB)