Agenda - A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform: Volume 18, Number 1, 2011 »

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Editorial Committee (PDF, 70KB)


Sinclair Davidson Stimulusgate View (PDF, 150KB)
Ross Guest and Anthony J. Makin In the Long Run, the Multiplier is Dead: Lessons from a Simulation View (PDF, 280KB)
Creina Day China’s Fiscal Stimulus and the Recession Australia Never Had: Is a Growth Slowdown Now Inevitable? View (PDF, 432KB)
Tom Valentine An Accelerator Tied to a Brake: Fiscal Stimulus Under a Floating
Exchange Rate
View (PDF, 197KB)
Nigel Stapledon The Benefits (and Costs) of Foresight and Hindsight in Macro Policy
View (PDF, 390KB)


Kankesu Jayanthakumaran and Ying Liu Trends in Emissions Across the States of Australia 1998–99 to 2007–08: A Shift-share Analysis View (PDF, 512KB)


Pedro Gomis-Porqueras, Jürgen Meinecke and José A. Rodrigues-Neto New Technologies in Higher Education: Lower Attendance and Worse Learning Outcomes? View (PDF, 426KB)
Richard Pomfret and John K. Wilson The Peculiar Economics of Government Policy towards Sport View (PDF, 470KB)


Graeme Wells Quiet Alf View (PDF, 248KB)