Agenda - A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform: Volume 17, Number 2, 2010 »

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Editorial Committee (PDF, 71KB)


Anthony J. Makin Did Australia’s Fiscal Stimulus Counter Recession?: Evidence from the National Accounts View (PDF, 135KB)
R. Quentin Grafton How to Increase the Cost-effectiveness of Water Reform and Environmental Flows in the Murray-Darling Basin View (PDF, 572KB)
Peter Abelson The High Cost of Taxi Regulation, with Special Reference to Sydney View (PDF, 480KB)


Stephen Iles and Gary Johns An Economic Unravelling of the Precautionary Principle: The Queensland Wild Rivers Act 2005 View (PDF, 164KB)


Keynes on the Wireless by Donald Moggridge (ed.), reviewed by Selwyn Cornish View (PDF, 167KB)
Life and LSE by Roger Alford, reviewed by Selwyn Cornish View (PDF, 158KB)