Agenda - A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform: Volume 15, Number 3, 2008 »

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Editors and Editorial Committee (PDF, 56KB)


Donna Brennan Will we all be Rooned without a Desal Plant? Hanrahan’s Lament and the Problem of Urban Water Planning under Climate Change View (PDF, 275KB)
Judith Ajani Australia’s Transition from Native Forests to Plantations: The Implications for Woodchips, Pulpmills, Tax Breaks and Climate Change View (PDF, 997KB)
Richard Eccleston Righting Australia’s Vertical Fiscal Imbalance: Transferring Public Hospital Funding as an Option for Reform View (PDF, 539KB)


Leo Dobes Getting Real about Adapting to Climate Change: Using “Real Options” to Address the Uncertainties View (PDF, 168KB)


Lin Crase, Suzanne O’Keefe and Brian Dollery Can Urban Water Markets Work? Some Concerns View (PDF, 144KB)
Hugh Sibly Can Urban Water Markets Work? An Optimistic View View (PDF, 138KB)


Boyd Hunter Is Policy the Problem or the Solution for Indigenous People? A Rejoinder to Gary Johns View (PDF, 113KB)


Peter Groenewegen and John Lodewijks Dave Clark (1946–2008): Economist, Larrikin, “Critical Drinker” and Friend View (PDF, 117KB)


Declan Trott A Farewell to Alms by Gregory Clark View (PDF, 128KB)
Selwyn Cornish Gunnar Myrdal. An Intellectual Biography by William J. Barber View (PDF, 129KB)
Farshid Vahid Research Without Tears: From the First Ideas to Published Output by John Creedy View (PDF, 120KB)