Agenda - A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform: Volume 12, Number 1, 2005 »

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Diana Beal
Sarath Delpachitra
Bruce Grundy
Disclosure, Hidden Charges and Indexed Pensions View (PDF, 135KB)
Ron Duncan
Anupam Sharma
Private Crime Prevention Expenditure in Fiji View (PDF, 44KB)
Christopher C Findlay Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Investment View (PDF, 106KB)
Ian McDonald Intergenerational Equity View (PDF, 76KB)
Rohan Pitchford
Andrew Wait
Sydney Airport Land: Appropriate Value for Regulatory Purposes View (PDF, 139KB)


John Freebairn Review of ‘Who Rules? How Government Retains Control of a Privatised Economy’ by Michael Keating. View (PDF, 27KB)
William Coleman Review of ‘Australia’s Money Mandarins: The Reserve Bank and the Politics of Money’ by Stephen Bell. View (PDF, 28KB)
Anne Daly Review of ‘The New Province for Law and Order: 100 Years of Australian Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration’ by Joe Isaac and Stuart Macintyre View (PDF, 26KB)


Janna Thompson Intergenerational Equity in an Ageing Society View (PDF, 63KB)