Settler Colonial Governance in Nineteenth-Century Victoria »

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  1. ‘Tickpen’, ‘Boro Boro’: Aboriginal economic engagements in early Melbourne (PDF, 950KB) – Lynette Russell 
  2. ‘Thus have been preserved numerous interesting facts that would otherwise have been lost’: Colonisation, protection and William Thomas’s contribution to (PDF, 437KB)The Aborigines of Victoria – Rachel Standfield 
  3. The 1869 Aborigines Protection Act: Vernacular ethnography and the governance of Aboriginal subjects (PDF, 1.7MB) – Leigh Boucher 
  4. ‘They formed a little family as it were’: The Board for the Protection of Aborigines (1875–1883) (PDF, 1.5MB) – Samuel Furphy 
  5. Managing mission life, 1869–188 (PDF, 171KB)6 – Claire McLisky (with Lynette Russell and Leigh Boucher) 
  6. Photography, authenticity and Victoria’s Aborigines Protection Act (1886) (PDF, 1.1MB) – Jane Lydon 
  7. Women, authority and power on Ramahyuck Mission, Victoria, 1880–1910 (PDF, 144KB) – Joanna Cruickshank and Patricia Grimshaw 
  8. How different was Victoria? Aboriginal ‘protection’ in a comparative context (PDF, 150KB) – Jessie Mitchell and Ann Curthoys 
  9. The ‘Minutes of Evidence’ project: Creating collaborative fields of engagement with the past, present and future (PDF, 196KB) – Jennifer Balint, Julie Evans, Nesam McMillan, Giordano Nanni and Melodie Reynolds-Diarra