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Teaching and Researching (PDF, 81KB)

  1. From the margins to the mainstream: towards a history of published Indigenous Australian autobiographies and biographies (PDF, 568KB)
  2. A path of words: the reception of autobiographical Australian Aboriginal writing in Italy (PDF, 128KB)
  3. Ethical approaches to teaching Aboriginal culture and literature in Spain (PDF, 111KB)
  4. Multiple subjectivities: writing Duall’s life as social biography (PDF, 278KB)
  5. Oodgeroo Noonuccal: media snapshots of a controversial life (PDF, 128KB)

Indigenous Storytelling

  1. ‘Never really heard of it’: the certificate of exemption and lost identity (PDF, 1.3MB)
  2. Biography as balancing act: life according to Joe and the rules of historical method (PDF, 113KB)
  3. The revelation of African culture in Long walk to freedom (PDF, 252KB)
  4. A Dalit and a First Nations Canadian speak of the women in their bones (PDF, 164KB)

Principles and Protocols (PDF, 64KB)

  1. Consultation and critique: implementing cultural protocols in the reading of collaborative indigenous life writing (PDF, 126KB)
  2. Too much information: when the burden of trust paralyses representation (PDF, 148KB)
  3. Pauline McLeod: The Magpie who became a Swan — finding salvation in culture (PDF, 151KB)
  4. The dilemmas of knowing too much: writing in the desert — Jimmy Pike as a boy (PDF, 121KB)