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Introducing R. H. Mathews

  1. ‘Birrarak is the name given to me by the natives’ (PDF, 4.6MB)

Part 1: Rock Art and Daily Life

  1. Introduction (PDF, 1.3MB)
  2. Contributions to the Ethnography of the Australians (PDF, 325KB)
  3. Rock Carvings and Paintings by the Australian Aborigines (PDF, 1.0MB)
  4. Plan of some Drawings carved or painted on Rock by the Natives of New South Wales, Australia (PDF, 580KB)

Part 2: Kinship and Marriage

  1. Introduction (PDF, 121KB)
  2. Social Organisation of Some Australian Tribes (PDF, 223KB)
  3. Remarks on the Natives of Australia (PDF, 243KB)
  4. The Natives of Australia (PDF, 111KB)

Part 3: Mythology

  1. Introduction (PDF, 755KB)
  2. Some Mythology of the Gundungurra Tribe, New South Wales (PDF, 176KB)
  3. A Giant in a Cave—An Australian Legend (PDF, 143KB)
  4. Australian Folk-Tales (PDF, 180KB)
  5. The Wareengarry and Karambal (PDF, 100KB)
  6. The Hereafter (PDF, 103KB)

Part 4: Language

  1. Introduction (PDF, 747KB)
  2. The Wailwan Language (PDF, 257KB)
  3. Language of the Kurnu Tribe, New South Wales (PDF, 300KB)

Part 5: Ceremony

  1. Introduction (PDF, 233KB)
  2. The Mŭltyerra Initiation Ceremony (PDF, 370KB)
  3. Initiation Ceremony of the Birdhawal Tribe (PDF, 227KB)
  4. The Bundandaba Ceremony of Initiation in Queensland (PDF, 199KB)

Part 6: Correspondence

  1. Introduction (PDF, 109KB)
  2. Letters to E. S. Hartland (PDF, 121KB)
  3. Letters to R. H. Mathews (PDF, 144KB)
  4. Letter to Moritz von Leonhardi (PDF, 101KB)