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Country, Native Title and Ecology - whole book (PDF, 2.5MB)
  1. Country, Native Title and Ecology (PDF, 131KB)Jessica K Weir 
  2. Connections of Spirit: Kuninjku Attachments to Country (PDF, 151KB)Luke Taylor 
  3. The Kalpurtu Water Cycle: Bringing Life to the Desert of the South West Kimberley (PDF, 129KB)Patrick Sullivan, Hanson Boxer (Pampila), Warford Bujiman (Pajiman) and Doug Moor (Kordidi) 
  4. ‘Two Ways’: Bringing Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Knowledges Together (PDF, 1.4MB)Samantha Muller 
  5. Water Planning and Native Title: A Karajarri and Government Engagement in the West Kimberley (PDF, 487KB)Jessica K Weir, Roy Stone and Mervyn Mulardy Jnr 
  6. Native Title and Ecology: Agreement-making in an Era of Market Environmentalism (PDF, 171KB)Lee Godden 
  7. Towards a Carbon Constrained Future: Climate Change, Emissions Trading and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Australia (PDF, 278KB)Emily Gerrard