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The diversity and dynamism of legal change in socialist China and Vietnam

  1. The Diversity and Dynamism of Legal Change in Socialist China and Vietnam (PDF, 140KB)
  2. Of ‘socialism’ and ‘socialist’ legal transformations in China and Vietnam (PDF, 173KB)
  3. Changing concepts of socialist law in Vietnam (PDF, 202KB)
  4. Confucianism and the conception of the law in Vietnam (PDF, 145KB)

Enduring socialist ideology and practice

  1. Transforming Chinese enterprise: ideology, efficiency and instrumentalism in the process of reform (PDF, 175KB)
  2. Socialist ideology and practical realsim: the process of compromise in Vietnam’s Law on Education (PDF, 134KB)
  3. Legal education in transitional Vietnam (PDF, 174KB)
  4. Vietnamese jurisprudence: informing court reform (PDF, 238KB)
  5. Ideology and professionalism: the resurgence of the Vietnamese bar (PDF, 172KB)

Socialist transitions: the centre and the local

  1. Mapping legal change in the context of reforms to Chinese police powers (PDF, 197KB)
  2. State-owned enterprises, law and a decade of market-oriented socialist development in Vietnam (PDF, 318KB)
  3. Public administration reform in Vietnam: foreign transplants or local hybrids? (PDF, 148KB)

Reconciling ideologies: internationalism and catholicism

  1. Fragmented pragmatism: the conclusion and adoption of international treaties in Vietnam (PDF, 180KB)
  2. The Vietnamese state, the Catholic Church and the law (PDF, 624KB)