Agriculture and Food Security in China »

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  1. Achieving food security in China: implications of WTO accession (PDF, 256KB)
  2. Agricultural development and policy before and after China’s WTO accession (PDF, 272KB)
  3. China’s WTO accession: the impact on its agricultural sector and grain policy (PDF, 339KB)
  4. Rural-urban income disparity and WTO impact on China’s agricultural sector: policy considerations (PDF, 324KB)
  5. The impact of WTO accession on China’s agricultural sector (PDF, 284KB)
  6. The impact of China’s WTO accession on its regional economies (PDF, 362KB)
  7. WTO accession and food security in China (PDF, 274KB)
  8. Revisiting the economic costs of food self-sufficiency in China (PDF, 386KB)
  9. Trade reform in the short run: China’s WTO Accession (PDF, 540KB)
  10. Trade reform, macroeconomic policy and sectoral labour movement in China (PDF, 510KB)
  11. China’s agricultural trade following its WTO accession (PDF, 417KB)
  12. Agricultural trade between China and ASEAN: dynamics and prospects (PDF, 409KB)
  13. The economic impact of the ASEAN–China Free Trade Area: a computational analysis with special emphasis on agriculture (PDF, 314KB)