Agency, Contingency and Census Process »

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  1. Producing powerful numbers (PDF, 105KB)
  2. Preparing for the 2006 enumeration at the Darwin Census Management Unit (PDF, 138KB)
  3. A vast improvement: the 2006 enumeration in the Alice Springs town camps (PDF, 1.6MB)
  4. Mobility and its consequences: the 2006 enumeration in the north-east Arnhem Land region (PDF, 779KB)
  5. Whose census? Institutional constraints on the Indigenous Enumeration Strategy at Wadeye (PDF, 1.1MB)
  6. What sort of town is Fitzroy Crossing? Logistical and boundary problems of the 2006 enumeration in the southern Kimberley (PDF, 4.0MB)
  7. After the count and after the fact: at the Darwin Census Management Unit (PDF, 149KB)
  8. The transformation of input into output: at the Melbourne Data Processing Centre (PDF, 130KB)
  9. Accommodating agency and contingency: towards an extended strategy for engagement (PDF, 130KB)