APEC and liberalisation of the Chinese economy »

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APEC and the Chinese Economy: Strategic Issues

  1. Liberalisation of the Chinese economy: APEC, WTO and tariff reductions (PDF, 576KB) – Zhang Yunling doi
  2. Open regionalism, APEC and China’s international trade strategies (PDF, 845KB) – Peter Drysdale doi
  3. The functions of APEC and implications for China: a critical review (PDF, 685KB) – Zhang Jianjun doi

Australia-China Cooperation in APEC

  1. Australia’s APEC agenda-implications for Australia and China (PDF, 675KB) – Christopher Findlay and Chen Chunlai doi
  2. Australia and China-shared objectives in APEC and the international economic system (PDF, 1.5MB) – Andrew Elek doi

APEC, Structural Reform and Sectoral Liberalisation

  1. How important is APEC to China? (PDF, 990KB) – Yongzheng Yang and Yiping Huang doi
  2. APEC investment, trade liberalisation and China’s economic adjustment (PDF, 516KB) – Sun Xuegong doi
  3. Trade protection in China’s automobile and textile industries and its impact on trade liberalisation (PDF, 691KB) – Li Kai doi
  4. The competitiveness of China’s chemical sector: assessment and implications for EVSL policy (PDF, 1.0MB) – Sun Xuegong doi

Ecotech Cooperation

  1. Ecotech at the heart of APEC: capacity-building in the Asia Pacific (PDF, 2.3MB) – Andrew Elek and Hadi Soesastro doi
  2. Promoting APEC’s ecotech initiative (PDF, 599KB) – Chen Luzhi doi
  3. Economic and technical cooperation-creating the environment to remove the barriers (PDF, 911KB) – Zhou Xiaobing and Zhao Jianglin doi

Capital Flows, Technology and Trade Liberalisation

  1. Impact of capital inflows and technology transfer on the Chinese economy (PDF, 896KB) – Zhou Xiaobing doi
  2. Exchange rate changes, trade development and structural adjustment in the East Asian economies (PDF, 779KB) – Zhou Xiaobing and Ligang Song doi
  3. China’s trade efficiency: measurement and determinants (PDF, 568KB) – Peter Drysdale, Yiping Huang and K.P. Kalirajan doi