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APEC and the Chinese Economy: Strategic Issues

  1. Liberalisation of the Chinese economy: APEC, WTO and tariff reductions (PDF, 576KB)Zhang Yunling
  2. Open regionalism, APEC and China’s international trade strategies (PDF, 845KB)Peter Drysdale 
  3. The functions of APEC and implications for China: a critical review (PDF, 685KB)Zhang Jianjun


Australia-China Cooperation in APEC

  1. Australia’s APEC agenda-implications for Australia and China (PDF, 675KB)Christopher Findlay and Chen Chunlai
  2. Australia and China-shared objectives in APEC and the international economic system (PDF, 1.5MB)Andrew Elek


APEC, Structural Reform and Sectoral Liberalisation

  1. How important is APEC to China? (PDF, 990KB)Yongzheng Yang and Yiping Huang
  2. APEC investment, trade liberalisation and China’s economic adjustment (PDF, 516KB)Sun Xuegong
  3. Trade protection in China’s automobile and textile industries and its impact on trade liberalisation (PDF, 691KB)Li Kai
  4. The competitiveness of China’s chemical sector: assessment and implications for EVSL policy (PDF, 1.0MB)Sun Xuegong


Ecotech Cooperation

  1. Ecotech at the heart of APEC: capacity-building in the Asia Pacific (PDF, 2.3MB)Andrew Elek and Hadi Soesastro
  2. Promoting APEC’s ecotech initiative (PDF, 599KB)Chen Luzhi
  3. Economic and technical cooperation-creating the environment to remove the barriers (PDF, 911KB)Zhou Xiaobing and Zhao Jianglin


Capital Flows, Technology and Trade Liberalisation

  1. Impact of capital inflows and technology transfer on the Chinese economy (PDF, 896KB)Zhou Xiaobing
  2. Exchange rate changes, trade development and structural adjustment in the East Asian economies (PDF, 779KB)Zhou Xiaobing and Ligang Song
  3. China’s trade efficiency: measurement and determinants (PDF, 568KB)Peter Drysdale, Yiping Huang and K.P. Kalirajan