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Viet Nam — a Transition Tiger? »

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Viet Nam and its recent experience with development

  1. Viet Nam’s development experience (PDF, 897KB)
  2. Geography, resources and population (PDF, 921KB)
  3. Economic performance and key issues (PDF, 891KB)

The Doi Moi process

  1. Prelude to reform: the attempted introduction of central planning (PDF, 896KB)
  2. Political institutions and economic management (PDF, 853KB)
  3. The introduction of Doi Moi (PDF, 898KB)
  4. Strategic building blocks of Doi Moi (PDF, 861KB)
  5. Ongoing reforms: building the institutions for macroeconomic management (PDF, 872KB)

Enterprise development

  1. Institutional change and business development (PDF, 913KB)
  2. State enterprises (PDF, 935KB)
  3. Household and private business development (PDF, 910KB)

Economic growth performance

  1. The pattern of economic growth (PDF, 980KB)
  2. Capital formation and external assistance (PDF, 930KB)

Income growth and poverty alleviation

  1. Poverty alleviation (PDF, 874KB)
  2. Causes of continuing poverty (PDF, 833KB)
  3. Poverty, location and internal migration (PDF, 871KB)


  1. Achievements of Doi Moi and future challenges (PDF, 881KB)