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Part I: The Australians (PDF, 97KB) - Geoffrey Gray and Christine Winter 

  1. A.P.Elkin: Public morale and propaganda (PDF, 158KB)John Pomeroy 
  2. Conlon’s Remarkable Circus (PDF, 124KB)Cassandra Pybus 
  3. H. Ian Hogbin: ‘Official adviser on native affairs’ (PDF, 166KB)Geoffrey Gray 
  4. W.E.H.Stanner: Wasted war years (PDF, 147KB)Geoffrey Gray 
  5. Camilla Wedgwood: ‘what are you educating natives for’ (PDF, 139KB)David Wetherell 
  6. Ronald Murray Berndt: ‘Work of national importance’ (PDF, 133KB)Geoffrey Gray 
  7. The Road to Conlon’s Circus—and Beyond: A personal retrospective (PDF, 111KB)J. D. Legge 

Part II: The New Zealanders (PDF, 87KB)Doug Munro 

  1. Derek Freeman at War (PDF, 1.0MB)Peter Hempenstall
  2. J.W.Davidson on the Home Front (PDF, 158KB)Doug Munro
  3. Neville Phillips and the Mother Country (PDF, 150KB)Jock Phillips
  4. Dan Davin: The literary legacy of war (PDF, 159KB)Janet Wilson