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  1. Negotiating the sacred in multicultural societies (PDF, 135KB)

Section I. Religion, Sacrilege and Blasphemy in Australia

  1. Negotiating religious dialogue: A response to the recent increase of anti-Semitism in Australia (PDF, 144KB)
  2. Are we capable of offending God? Taking blasphemy seriously (PDF, 141KB)
  3. A flaw in the nation-building process: Negotiating the sacred in our multicultural society (PDF, 113KB)
  4. The paradox of Islam and the challenges of modernity (PDF, 130KB)

Section II. Sacrilege and the Sacred

  1. Stretching the sacred (PDF, 151KB)
  2. Sacralising the profane, profaning the sacred (PDF, 127KB)
  3. Is that a human skull? All in the name of art! (PDF, 156KB)
  4. The bourgeois sacred: Unveiling the ‘secular society’ (PDF, 114KB)

Section III. The State, Religion and Tolerance

  1. Sacrilege: From public crime to personal offence (PDF, 122KB)
  2. Expressions of religiosity and blasphemy in modern societies (PDF, 153KB)
  3. Negotiating the sacred in law: Regulation of gifts motivated by religious faith (PDF, 154KB)
  4. Negotiating a religious identity in modern Japan: The Christian experience (PDF, 185KB)

Section IV. The Future: Openness and Dogmatism

  1. ‘We already know what is good and just…’: Idolatry and the scalpel of suspicion (PDF, 121KB)
  2. The sacred and sacrilege—ethics not metaphysics (PDF, 180KB)
  3. Resolving disputes over Aboriginal sacred sites: Some experiences in the 1990s (PDF, 142KB)