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  1. The German-language tradition of ethnography in Australia (PDF, 0.4MB)Nicolas Peterson and Anna Kenny doi
  2. German-language anthropology traditions around 1900: Their methodological relevance for ethnographers in Australia and beyond (PDF, 0.5MB)André Gingrich doi

Part I: First encounters

  1. Clamor Schürmann’s contribution to the ethnographic record for Eyre Peninsula, South Australia (PDF, 0.3MB)Kim McCaul doi
  2. Pulcaracuranie: Losing and finding a cosmic centre with the help of J. G. Reuther and others (PDF, 1.5MB)Rod Lucas and Deane Fergie doi
  3. Looking at some details of Reuther’s work (PDF, 0.2MB)Luise Hercus doi
  4. German Moravian missionaries on western Cape York Peninsula and their perception of the local Aboriginal people and languages (PDF, 1.2MB)Corinna Erckenbrecht doi

Part II: Impact of the Aranda

  1. Early ethnographic work at the Hermannsburg Mission in Central Australia, 1877–1910 (PDF, 0.7MB)Anna Kenny doi
  2. Sigmund Freud, Géza Róheim and the Strehlows: Oedipal tales from Central Australian anthropology (PDF, 0.9MB)John Morton doi
  3. Of kinships and other things: T. G. H. Strehlow in Central Australia (PDF, 0.5MB)Diane Austin-Broos doi
  4. ‘Only the best is good enough for eternity’: Revisiting the ethnography of T. G. H. Strehlow (PDF, 0.5MB)Jason Gibson doi

Part III: Widening the interest

  1. The Australianist work of Erhard Eylmann in comparative perspective (PDF, 0.5MB)Francesca Merlan doi
  2. Herbert Basedow (1881–1933): Surgeon, geologist, naturalist and anthropologist (PDF, 0.6MB)David Kaus doi
  3. Father Worms’s contribution to Australian Aboriginal anthropology (PDF, 0.5MB)William B. McGregor doi
  4. Historicising culture: Father Ernst Worms and the German anthropological traditions (PDF, 0.3MB)Regina Ganter doi

Part IV: Academic anthropology

  1. Doing research in the Kimberley and carrying ideological baggage: A personal journey (PDF, 0.3MB)Erich Kolig doi
  2. Tracks and shadows: Some social effects of the 1938 Frobenius Expedition to the north‑west Kimberley (PDF, 0.4MB)Anthony Redmond doi
  3. Carl Georg von Brandenstein’s legacy: The past in the present (PDF, 0.2MB)Nick Thieberger doi
  4. The end of an era: Ronald Berndt and the German ethnographic tradition (PDF, 0.3MB)Nicolas Peterson doi