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  1. Exploration archives and indigenous histories: An introduction (PDF, 107KB) – Shino Konishi, Maria Nugent and Tiffany Shellam doi
  2. Intermediaries and the archive of exploration (PDF, 415KB) – Felix Driver doi
  3. Explorer memory and Aboriginal celebrity (PDF, 1.7MB) – Catherine Bishop and Richard White doi
  4. Jacky Jacky and the politics of Aboriginal testimony (PDF, 149KB) – Maria Nugent doi
  5. Mediating encounters through bodies and talk (PDF, 321KB) – Tiffany Shellam doi
  6. Agency, affect, and local knowledge in the exploration of Oceania (PDF, 1.3MB) – Bronwen Douglas doi
  7. Cross-cultural knowledge exchange in the age of the Enlightenment (PDF, 138KB) – John Gascoigne doi
  8. British–Tahitian collaborative drawing strategies on Cook’s Endeavour voyage (PDF, 573KB) – Harriet Parsons doi
  9. Encounters and the photographic record in British New Guinea (PDF, 637KB) – Antje Lübcke doi
  10. Noongar and non-Aboriginal people going along together (Ngulla wangkiny, ni, katitjin Noongar nyidyung koorliny, kura, yeye, boorda) (PDF, 158KB) – Len Collard and Dave Palmer doi